Announcing the Salt Chamber

As many of you already know, I’ve been working for a long time on bringing something else to the studio – and I’m delighted to announce our new Salt Chamber.

But why salt? My answer is simple – I’ve seen the benefits first hand. When you lay back on a lounger in the Salt Chamber for an hour you will feel the de-stressing and relaxing benefits. There’s an added detoxifying, calming element to being in the Chamber, too.

I first became aware of the benefits of salt therapy after seeing what it did for my Mum’s health. She’s been using a salt chamber for many years in London – and now you can try it, right here at the studio.

I plan to gradually introduce a variety of sessions in the chamber. Soon, I hope the studio’s schedule will feature one-on-one yoga and breathing technique sessions in the Chamber. We will also run meditation sessions in its tranquillity.

The effects of salt caves have been known about for thousands of years. The Greeks realised the health properties of salt (halotherapy – the Greek word for salt is ‘halo’), and monks have long known the benefits of breathing in the fine salty mist found in underground caves.

You may have heard of wet salt therapy – like neti pots, salt-centric gargles, scrubs and soaking in salt water baths. These are also good, but the Salt Chamber is a lot calmer and less invasive. It uses a machine called a ‘halogenerator’ that disperses a dry salt via an aerosol into the Salt Chamber. It’ll do you good simply by being there and relaxing, respiratory benefits that you don’t get with wet salt treatments.

This holistic, drug free, natural therapy has numerous positive effects, including a marked improvement in breathing ailments – so there’s a natural fit with yoga practice, where, as you know, correct and full breathing is vital to good practice.

When we think about the uses of salt in the past, these include using it as a preservative, so it’s perhaps no surprise that salt is often thought to have a beneficial effect on skin conditions and the immune system, and acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Regardless of the health benefits, I’m excited to bring an ancient wellness solution to the studio, and help people make halotherapy a part of their wellness routine.

Love and light