Announcing Yoga Nidra at RJ Yoga

iRest Nidra at RJ Yoga


Do You Need Nidra? We all do; but asked the question, most people shrug. That’s because even amongst active Yogis, Nidra isn’t well understood. So, what is Yoga Nidra? Where did it come from, how is it practised and what are the benefits?


Nidra is Sanskrit for “sleep” and Yoga Nidra is generally taken to mean “sleep of the Yogis”. Developed around 2,000 years ago. Essentially practitioners remain fully awake and aware as the body sleeps, resulting in very deep meditation which has far reaching benefits.


Usually experienced lying down, the only requirement of Yoga Nidra is to focus on the voice of your guide. Each practice is staged to take participants through different mental states, resulting in deep dives into the sub-conscious. The experience is likened to surfing between consciousness and sleep.


At RJ Yoga, we offer iRest Yoga Nidra; a secular approach developed by clinical psychologist Richard Miller. The technique follows original Nidra teachings, but sets out a protocol with additional stages. It is also underpinned by a range of gold standard research projects.


iRest has helped cancer patients cope with pain and trauma survivors experience healing and safety. it is being clinically researched for a wide variety of purposes, including insomnia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and dependencies, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Beside these clinical approaches, iRest Nidra is used very effectively to combat daily stress. Modern work environments, technology, cities, traffic and even entertainment fool the human body into thinking it’s constantly at risk, forcing the nervous systems into fight or flight mode.


iRest Nidra induces deep relaxation throughout both body and mind, eliminating stress and allowing the body to fully inhabit the rest and digest state which heals and restores. The techniques also promote self-inquiry, investigating and going beyond self-limiting beliefs and reintroduces us to our deepest state of being and self-wisdom.


RJ Yoga teacher Jon Murphy offers Yoga Nidra group sessions at our studio on Sunday evenings from 6-7pm. He can also be booked for one-on-ones. Please get in touch if you’d like to give Nidra a try.